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Iman El Bahr Darwish

Iman el Bahr Darwish was born in the district of Kom el Dekka in Alexandria on the March 18, 1955. He earned his bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Alexandria and began his career in music when he formed a singing choir whilst at university to perform works originally composed by his grandfather, the great Egyptian composer and musician Sayyed Darwish. Iman became famous among his peers for singing. One day he sang at the wedding of one of his friends where an agent was present. The agent subsequently hired him as an engineer in his company, where Sayyed worked for six months. Thereafter the agent presented him to his brother, producer Atef Montasser who produced his first tape which was a sort of revival of his grandfather’s legacy and was titled “al Waritheen” (The Inheritors). This occurred in 1982, however Iman was to achieve greater success in 1983 when he appeared on television. Eman formed his own cassette production firm called “Amwag” Company and thereafter produced his own albums. Since that time, Iman expanded into television and film.


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قريبا قد ايه بعشقك ايمان البحر درويش


طلع البدر علينا ايمان البحر درويش


أعنية نفسي للقنان المتميز إيمان البحر درويش من حفل 2001


في البحر سمكة حفل الفنان المتميز ايمان البحر درويش مهرجان الموسيقي العربية2013


نفسي من فيلم زمن الممنوع للفنان المتميز ايمان البحر درويش


طول عمرك حرة أبية ـ ايمان البحر درويش

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